Each space that I inhabit for the act of making art evokes a moment in time, a snapshot of a place well known to our psyche, yet somehow removed as we invest in our daily routines. Through investigation, admiration and love for the farmland, my art reaches out for joy, like the sound of distant laughter or the grasping of someone’s hand to the excited proclamation, “Let’s go!” In this space, I hold the subject in close observation, carefully joining stroke after stroke to build a new world -- one where the land is held in the highest regard and where the people are fully engaged in what they hold dear. From the time I was a child, the need to preserve what is precious was something I understood. What I did not understand was decisions that reflected our carelessness and tendency to create litter, even in the most beautiful places. I want to encourage kindness, compassion and well-being through our common respect and shared stewardship of the land that nurtures and sustains us.

My most recent work honors the infusion of light and spectrum as the vehicle for expansion and ascension, from the solids of the fertile land to the air floating above. In its entirety, the piece speaks of an ecosystem that compels us to take a deep breath and connect through our own roots which flourish in the richness of the soil. Through this exploration I have tapped into the ancient power of regeneration, transmutation and an intimate knowledge of the land as something not just to be used or borrowed, but as a thing to behold. Our most precious farmland is then shared with the community through the beauty it exudes and the nutrition it provides. My studio, as it stands today, is a makeshift incubator space for off-site projects, installations and performances, paintings and drawings, and philanthropic activity. Art is like a dance of endurance. How might we conjoin art with the ever abiding seasons full of gestation, growth and eventual death? One way is through the communal practice of painting a mammoth mural of our farmland, in communion with students and staff, and with an outstretched arm to those who wish to offer a helping hand. This is what I want my art to be -- communal, collaborative and relevant to the current moment.